Decaffeinated green tea and weight loss

Decaffeinated green tea and weight loss

In spite of what people may think decaffeinated green tea and weight loss go hand in hand. It is true that the major element found in green tea which helps us lose weight is caffeine but there are other components which can help too. When you decide to go on a diet using green tea aside from the beverage you also have to include a balanced diet and regular exercise. If you choose a decaffeinated green tea you will have to be patient because it will take you longer to achieve your weight goal.


For many years women have used green tea to lose weight because it really works. The caffeine in the body increases your level of energy and speeds up your metabolism thus losing weight. Just like coffee, green tea helps you suppress your appetite.


A lot of people think that if you take diet pills based on green tea it is enough to lose weight. This is so no true, in order to shed those extra pounds you will need to have a balanced diet and have an exercise routine.

The expert insight

According to Joy Bauer, an American nutritionist, there are other substances in green tea that help you lose weight aside from caffeine, and one of them is catechins. It is a known fact that catechins increases the norepinephrine levels in the brain. Norepinephrine is a chemical which helps the body to burn fat and speeds up your metabolism. This is good because if you drink decaffeinated green tea you will at least have catechins to help you shed those extra pounds.


Before you start any diet based on natural supplements we recommend you go see a doctor. This is very important because he is the only one who can tell you if the supplements will work and if they will have a positive effect on your body. We recommend you buy supplements with caffeine and take fewer pills.

As you can see there is a link between decaffeinated green tea and weight loss because the lack of caffeine does not mean that you can not lose weight. If you are uncertain about what to do go to a nutritionist and ask him what you should do. The most common response you are going to hear is to get diet supplements or green tea leafs with caffeine but it smaller amounts.

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